Boys Boat Shoes - Welcome Aboard

Children love new shoes even if they do not admit it. They enjoy seeing how the new ones differ from their old ones, and they practice walking in them while trying to look at their feet. Whether an essential part of a wardrobe for school or a special gift from a grandmother, new leather shoes give children a sense of pride that pleases them. The design, construction and durability of new shoes matter more to the adults in a family than to children, but they ensure the healthy support that active feet need. The shoes fit well and provide a solid comfort that makes them favorites for casual or formal wear.


Ensuring Comfort

The soft and flexible quality of our Milan line of leather shoes makes them comfortable from the first time a child wears them. A cushioned heel provides protection that little feet need as they run and play. Parents need not worry about blisters that lesser quality shoes may create. Our suede shoes feature a fashionable hand stitching that contributes to their beauty and durability. A handsome band that lies across the instep provides an attractive element of detail that distinguishes the shoe. Our complete line of shoes for boys reflects our commitment to creating a beautifully finished, handmade product that combines a European influence with a dynamic Australian flair.


Getting More for the Money

Our styles offer double the use with the shoes that you choose for your child or grandchild. Our Sorrento line features the softest and most durable shoes on the market, and it accents an outfit for a trip to school or a family boat outing. The comfortable fit of the leather that conforms to the shape of a child’s foot lets them provide service as boys boat shoes. Every boy can take pride in having special shoes for an occasion, and you can serve two purposes with one style of shoe. Designed for the tender feet of growing boys, the Sorrento comes in the standard 20 to 38 sizes that we offer in all lines. Beautiful colours that complement a wardrobe provide a proper selection for little feet.


Choosing a Less Casual Shoe

While our suede shoes can serve as boys boat shoes and make the youngsters feel like authentic mariners, they have the same qualities as our other footwear. Our products maintain a high level of popularity among children as well as parents and grandparents in casual or formal styles. Our Verona line offers a slightly more formal appearance for occasions that require it. In classic black or brown, the smooth leather complements outfits and gives them and an extraordinary appeal.


Enjoying Easy Care

Leather or suede shoes that go everywhere a child wants to explore may encounter some muddy conditions. The shoes need only a little care to make them look great again. A damp cloth and mild soap provide all the cleaning that the shoes require, and they need no harsh chemicals, water, bleach or even a washing machine to return them to their good looks. You may want to give them a light coating with a waterproof spray to help them resist the elements.